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Deacons 2019

In September, a few members of the congregation met with Sarah Shelton and Valerie Burton to talk about our Deacon ministry program. We’ve been using the same model of Deacon ministry for a long, long time. A Deacon is assigned to a group of members forming a Deacon Family, the Deacon communicates the needs and concerns of the congregation. The Deacons coordinate Communion with the Ministers, as well as welcoming new members, serving as Deacon of the Week, supporting urgent family needs through visiting hospitals, and being available and engaged with families during time of urgent need.

During the December 12 Business Meeting those present voted in favor of allowing the Deacons to use a different model of Deacon ministry for 2019.

We are really excited about this plan.

Our priority is serving the congregation. We do not have all the nuances figured out, I can easily admit that. We do have a good structure. I think we’ve got a good collection of people who want to serve the congregation as Deacons.

There’s one big change, and that is that we will no longer use a defined Deacon Family group structure. Put another way, you don’t have one Deacon. We care about you. We’ve walked through family illnesses and deaths. We’ve walked through divorces, and separations, job changes, and members moving away. The Deacons will remain present to support you.

Rather than Deacons having 6-8 responsibilities, they will focus on one primary area. Here’s how we are moving forward with Deacon ministry at Covenant:

In-Reach – Engaging Covenant Families in life of the Church

Outreach – Developing Relationships with our guests, leading Covenant 101

Worship – Supporting worship through Communion, Ushering, Greeting

Visitation – Supporting Covenant Families in time of urgent needs, Supporting Covenant’s Ministers, Caring for home bound, and those in long term care

New Members – Welcoming & Engaging new members to the Covenant Family

You’ll get updates from the Church Office as part of a new weekly updates.

We will learn a great deal, and I’m counting on you to walk this with us, giving feedback, sharing ideas with me, and others Deacons. I have already asked the Council on Mission for two opportunities to report back during the year, allowing us to hear from you in a formal setting. This is really all about providing for our congregation. I’m excited about how this model will help us care for you.

Please let me know what questions or concerns you may have. We will update the Congregation throughout the year, seeking your input, hearing from you.

Happy New Year, Best wishes for 2019.

David Goodwin



January 9 – Lucas Dorian, Alabama CBF
January 16 – Carol Clarke, Southside Development Company
January 23 – Toya Richards, Alliance of Baptists
January 30 – Pam Durso, Baptist Women in Ministry
February 6 – Katherine Mullen, Music Intern
February 13 – Charles Watson Jr, Baptist Joint Committee
February 20 – Business meeting
February 27 – TBA
March 6 – Ash Wednesday
March 13 – April 10 Sarah Shelton, Gratitude in Lent?
April 18 – Maundy Thursday
April 19 – Good Friday
April 24 – Business Meeting
May 1 – Report from Alliance of Baptists Meeting
May 8 – Music Education at BCOC
May 15 – Missions Education at BCOC
May 22 – Business Meeting

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Taylor Bell and Valerie Burton want to share their ideas and reflections from living and faith-ing here on this corner alongside you! It is their hope that what they write will lift your heart, light up your passions, and enrich our fellowship somehow.

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