Where do I park on Sunday or Wednesday evening?

parking diagram-01.png

Members and guests coming to the church on weekdays should park in the University Boulevard lot, or directly behind the educational wing. On Wednesday evenings and on Sunday, members may also park in the lot behind the Bock Mayse-Ministry Center (BMMC) or the small lot directly behind the sanctuary as well as spaces on the street. All spaces in the lot behind the BMMC and directly behind the sanctuary are rented during the weekday working hours and not available for use by members.

If I visit the church during the week, how do I gain entrance to the church?

To gain entrance to the church during the week, enter the glass lobby under the green awning on University Boulevard. No other doors are unlocked. There is a voice box on the wall in the foyer which will connect you to the office. Push the button and speak into the box so that the office personnel can buzz you in.

What’s for supper this Wednesday?


The menu for Wednesday Night is published in the bulletin every Sunday. But if you didn’t commit the supper options to memory during worship, you can always check the website under the Looking Ahead tab.

A list of Sunday School classes is available in the sanctuary foyer or in the Education section here on the website. Adult classes are inter-generational and are for any adult who wishes to attend. You are encouraged to visit and select the class of your choice. Our Associate Pastor of Christian Formation, Valerie Burton is happy to answer any questions you may have.

How do I select a Sunday School Class?

A list of Ministries is available in the sanctuary foyer or in the Ministries section here on the website. Contacts are listed for each ministry, and you can always contact our Minister of Community Engagement, Taylor Bell. Taylor or members of our Ministry Committee will be pleased to discuss available opportunities.

How do I become involved in a ministry?

If you would like to purchase a flower arrangement for the sanctuary during worship, please contact the church office

We will let you know if the date is available. Arrangements are $65. You can pay by, check, cash, or online.  

How do I reserve flowers for Sunday worship?