Sunday Classes

10:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.

All our classes welcome visitors!
Visit as many as you like to find the class that's right for you. 



Room 204

The Dialogue Sunday School class is a diverse group of adults of all ages who explore issues of personal spirituality in an informal and supportive setting. This class, which usually numbers between 18 and 24 people, uses various types of study materials. The dialogue is always open to new people and new ideas. This class is facilitated by various class members.


Room 105 BMMC

Since its beginning, in addition to its use for spiritual celebration and connection to a Higher Power, music has been a common vessel for the passing down of stories through generations. Each Sunday, we will discuss thoughts from the sermon and use one or two pieces of music (various genres) to facilitate conversation to connect the dots between Biblical Christianity and the living out of our own stories.  Come join a group of “regular folk” to listen to good music, drink a fantastic cup of coffee, and share good conversation about faith. This class is led by Ashley Gilbert and Sara Hoover.

God's Lighthouse

Room 205

Class members of "God's Lighthouse" want to share God's Light in their families, communities, and world. This class has around 14 members, ages 40 and up. They use the Smyth and Helwys’ Formation Series. They are ready to welcome anyone who wants to visit or join their Bible study group. This class is taught by Rosalind McClanahan.


Room 207

The Helpers class is made up of a small, loving group of "very special" adults who like to be busy learning and helping others! They love to hear and talk about their favorite Bible stories; share prayer concerns and do activities. They look for opportunities to help their fellow church members.  This class is led by Brian Berthiaume, Bill Smith, and Esther Gardner.


Room 108 BMMC

The PeaceMongers class is intergenerational. The curriculum is generally the study of a book related to some biblically-based social justice issue, although no subject is off limits. The teaching style is one of discussion with class members facilitating.  The average attendance is between 15 and 20.


Room 206

The "Quasi-Quaker" class consists of individuals who are seeking silence in community. We say "quasi-Quaker" because we do not adhere strictly to the practice of silence for the entire hour. In true Baptist tradition, we spend the first part of the hour discussing prayer
concerns and other personal matters that members offer. From that, we go into silence. Members are encouraged to speak to the group during the silent time if they feel they have been given a message or insight from the Light that is pertinent to the group.  This class is facilitated by Ellen Dossett.


Room 203

The Seekers class studies a passage of Scripture each week. Our age distribution gives us a deep well of accumulated experience from which to draw. We are not so concerned to arrive at final answers, but to help each other work on the important questions that we each face. This class is taught by Morgan Ponder and Joyce Mitchell.

Young Adults

Room 104 BMMC

The Young Adults class provides BCOC’s growing population of twenty- and thirty-somethings in student or career mode with a platform for asking “Who am I?” “Who is God?” And “Why do my answers to these questions matter?” Valerie Burton and Taylor Bell give leadership to this class and age-group.


Room 114 BMMC

Don't be confused. The Youngsters class is for those who feel young at heart. Members range in age from 30 to . . . well, let's just say ages vary. They use Smyth and Helwys literature as a guide for Bible study and always have a LIVELY discussion on how to apply the lessons to everyday life. This class is taught by Lloyd Shelton and Don Sandley.