Worship is central to every program at Baptist Church of the Covenant.  From the first notes of the organ prelude to the final note of the postlude, the worshiper’s attention is drawn to worship.


Sarah Jackson Shelton, pastor of Baptist Church of the Covenant, brings a mix of experiences to the pulpit. From the carpool line to the grocery store, from the ranks as a staff member to the "preacher in charge," from the ostracized "preacher woman" to the beloved "Pastor Sarah," from student in the library to people watcher, she combines everyday experiences with the rich message of the gospel to bring "faith to life." She has honed her skill as a storyteller in order to pinpoint the relevance of the Good News and make direct application for the faithful.
Likewise, Organist-Choirmaster, Daniel Lawhon, brings to the service not only music but words that blend with the theme of the worship hour. His preludes and postludes add to the color and tone of the sermon and combine to enhance the worship experience.
Bible reading and prayer, most often led by a layperson, add to the significance of the hour as does the congregational singing. It combines to create an hour of excitement and expectation that is met Sunday after Sunday by careful planning and performance that is worthy of the Lord we worship and service.

It is where “Faith comes to life."