Church members who would like to recommend potential candidates to the pastor search committee should place completed forms in a sealed envelope and write Pastor Search Committee on the front. Forms can be submitted to any Pastor Search Committee member or left in the church office.



The Pastor Search Committee has been meeting very frequently. We are finalizing drafts of the Pastor Profile and Church Profile. The Pastor Profile includes many of the expectations we have for our pastor and will be used to evaluate and rank candidates. The Church Profile is to tell candidates who we are. We are grateful to a number of people who have helped us on the Church Profile.

We hope to finalize the profiles in the next couple of weeks and we will post them along with the job announcement on the church website when they are final – for you to see and for potential candidates to see. We intend to advertise the position on relevant websites and job posting services. The job posting will direct everyone to our website, which will explain what interested persons need to do to apply.

Some of you have asked us to consider specific ministers for the position. We will have a form that a member can use to recommend our review of someone. If the recommended person does not apply, and he or she looks interesting, we will reach out and ask if he or she wants to apply and be considered. That form will be posted on our website when the Pastor position is posted.

 We continue to remind ourselves of the commitments we made to each other and to the church in our covenant. We ask you to continue to pray for the church during this time and to pray that the seven of us will be guided by the Holy Spirit.

Thank you from your Pastor Search Committee.
August 25, 2019


Kit Deason, Chair
Mike Casey, Vice Chair
Nancy Yarbrough, Secretary

Kristen Berthiaume
George Crear

Ann Carol Mann
Frank McCrory


We, the seven members of the Pastor’s Nominating Committee, also known as the Pastor’s Search Committee, of Baptist Church of the Covenant as elected by the church on May 22, 2019, affirm our desire and commitment to serve our church to fulfill the vital task of bringing to the church a nominee for Pastor who is a minister and whose Christian character and qualifications fit that person for the office of Pastor of this church.

We commit to:

  • Build trust with each other so that we can each bring our whole selves into the process.

  • Engage in healthy conflict to examine the full range of options.

  • Engage in mutual respect, open-mindedness, cooperation and collaboration.

  • Listen well to each other and be sensitive, respectful and diplomatic of differing opinions and ideas.

  • Work on behalf of the entire congregation, with each member representing all members of the church.

  • The committee and its actions so that each member has input and ownership.

  • Encourage openness and full participation in each other.

  • Hold each other accountable to responsibilities and progress of the team’s work.

  • To make this appointment a priority in our individual lives.

  • To the process of searching for a Pastor and to the hard work necessary and to be thorough, not rushed.

  • Keep committee goals at the forefront of all of our actions to ensure progress toward the nomination of a Pastor.

  • Listen to our congregation and other wise individuals and use that knowledge and information to search for a Pastor who exemplifies as many characteristics we desire as possible and who will be the best fit for our church.

  • Communicate with the congregation regarding the progress of the process as much as possible.

  • Engage in individual and joint prayer, opening ourselves to the Holy Spirit and allowing the Holy Spirit to guide us in this process.

  • Pray to know God’s will and to do God’s will.

  • Be mindful of the future of our church.

  • Unanimously recommend a nominee as Pastor of our church after much thorough research and deliberation.

  • Have a Pastor in place to help BCOC walk into the beginning of its next 50 years.

  • To assist the new Pastor with the transition to his or her new position.

We ask the congregation for prayer – for us individually and the team collectively, for our spouses and family members from whom we will sacrifice time, and for our congregation as a whole.

We ask the congregation to be supportive of each of us, be patient with the process, understand the confidentiality necessary when considering candidates employed by other churches, and care for each other and for our current ministers and staff.

Kristen Berthiaume, Mike Casey, George Crear, Kit Deason, Ann Carol Mann, Frank McCrory, Nancy Yarbrough
July 8, 2019